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what is diversity

Waste diversion is the process of diverting wastes from the landfill. Some wastes undergo several processes to prevent them from going to the landfill. The amount of wastes diverted from the landfill is typically measured by weight.

Here are the most popular ways to divert wastes.

1. Waste Reduction at source.

It is the avoidance of using materials that are disposable, not reusable or recyclable. These materials are called “throw-away” materials such as straws, disposable fork and spoon, disposable cups and plates, styropack, plastic cellophanes, and tetra packs. These are usually “use-and-dispose” types of materials. They are not compostable and are difficult to recycle. These are also the types of wastes that are commonly found in canals, creeks, rivers and even ocean. By avoiding the use of these materials, the amount of waste generated and disposed to the landfill is minimized, hence, lessens the emission of the methane gas that contributes to the climate change. Further, flood, water and air pollution, brought about by improper management of this type of wastes, can be prevented.

2. Recycling and reusing non-biodegradable materials.

Recycling is a process of developing a new product out of waste material either thru the use of technologies or by human hands. Reusing waste material is to use it either for the same purpose or for another without altering its physical and chemical properties. Waste materials that can be reused are plastic containers, empty bottles, plastic bags, and tin and aluminium cans.

3. Composting biodegradable wastes.

The conversion of waste materials into soil additives is called composting.

Biodegradable materials if not diverted from the landfill contribute much to the methane emission of the landfill, therefore contributes to climate change. Composting is the best way to divert these wastes. Aside from preventing gas emission, it can be converted as soil-enhancer for gardening and organic farming.

Not all types of wastes can be diverted from the landfill. There are wastes that cannot be recycled, reused, composted and cannot even be avoided. They are called residual wastes and deserved to be contained in a Sanitary Landfill Facility. The more wastes are being diverted, the lesser amount of residual wastes brought to the landfill. Therefore, lesser methane gases emission, lesser greenhouse effect and lesser contribution to the global warming.

Save the earth now! Divert your wastes!

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Website templates free

internet marketing consultant

At present, there are more than 1 billion Internet users worldwide. There are millions of businesses using the internet to sell their products and services. With so many commercial sites available online for consumers, the result is an increase in competition. Most companies have their websites to sell products or services, but do not realize they need to use many strategies to stand out from all other sites. That’s when you get the services of an Internet marketing consultant.

An internet marketing consultant is a professional who works with business owners to develop strategies to increase your web presence in order to increase sales. The main objective of an Internet consultant to develop a marketing plan for a business website. This may include the application of methods to attract more traffic to the site, improve your page ranking in the search engines, improving the relevance and credibility of the product or service, and improve case of regular customers.

Internet marketing consultants usually have several years of experience in the field of marketing. Most consultants usually have a degree in marketing or business. A consultant can work as part of a broader marketing company or on your own. Some consultants work in offices and work from home.

Internet consulting firms can provide the following services:

Improve Search Engine Ranking: companies to improve the search engine rankings using methods such as keyword phrasing, providing an attractive and relevant web content, link building, and social marketing.

The right keywords will increase the likelihood that the site will be ranked higher in the search engines.

Link building encourages other relevant websites to provide links to the company website. Social marketing allows others to know about the company and its products or services. This is achieved through viral marketing, blogs, and participates in online communities.

Web design is the creation of customized Web templates that are relevant to the advertising message. They are designed to capture the attention of visitors. Graphics can include flash animations, virtual tours, digital video, etc. … The websites are designed to allow easy navigation and keep the visitor interested in the site.

Within web content: The right content is essential to convert visitors into customers. Services may include the provision of appropriate and relevant articles, optimize content to improve the ranking of search engines, writing and editing marketing, updates about the company and create and upload blog entries.

To find the perfect match, not only with regard to the service, but also with respect to the supplier, it is important to seek some Marketing Consultants covering all key aspects, adopted as standards and techniques and technology white hat. It is best to stay on top of service providers offering search results engine rankings faster than it can be negative in the long run because they use these results only as a quick way to sell their services.

Sales Marketing and advertising: This may include the use of pay per click advertising such as Google AdWords. Autoresponder systems are designed for companies who want to improve their sales lead follow-up process using a tool that automatically keeps in touch with customers online.

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what is management

In one sense, pain is one of the most useful things going on in our body. It’s unbeatable as a warning system we have a physical problem that needs our attention. But it’s also the worst of all things because, once we have the message, we can’t switch it off. The same message keeps on going like a burglar alarm that won’t shut off even though the thief is long gone. Whoever designed this system without an off-switch was not very intelligent. So, when the pain message keeps on playing, we need a way of managing the problem. Otherwise, it may keep us awake and wreck our lives.

The first step is to get a proper diagnosis of the cause of the pain. If this is real pain, there’s no sense in guessing. You need a professional opinion. It’s the old saying applied to lawyers: “A lawyer who acts for himself (herself) has a fool for a client.” So unless it’s obvious like a bleeding wound or broken bone, or the same old problem like arthritis, always get a doctor to confirm exactly what is wrong and to advise on the different treatments available. Sometimes, the proper approach is not obvious. For example, almost as soon as you have had treatment for some physical injuries, you should start exercising. Muscles lose their tone if you are inactive. More importantly, you sometimes need to build up muscles to compensate for an injury. So even though moving may be painful, the best treatment can sometimes be to work through the pain to heal more quickly.

Once you have had all the standard treatments for the underlying problem, you may be lucky and find the pain disappears. Congratulations, you are fully cured! If you are unlucky, the pain remains. This is the point at which the pain itself should be treated like a disease in its own right. Assuming there are no more effective treatments available for the cause, you now have to manage the pain. Except, of course, this is not easy. Many doctors take your complaint about continuing pain as a complaint about the quality of the treatment you have received. They take it personally and as a possible treat of an accusation of professional malpractice. They get very defensive, refuse to discuss your problem and resort to buying you off with painkillers. If you keep complaining, they give you stronger painkillers. This is a common problem and it’s driven by the fear of litigation. No matter how good the insurance coverage, patients suing doctors damages their reputations and causes everyone to get stressed.

Effective pain management depends on the medical profession’s willingness to accept criticism and focus on giving the best possible treatment to their patients. This may just be giving them Tramadol if they are in pain. It’s an excellent drug. But there comes a time when a second opinion is called for in deciding whether Tramadol or another painkiller is the best option. That’s where pain management comes in. Different doctors review the case and add options for helping you live with the pain.

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Website templates free

simple website templates


A website can be either very simple or very complicated to create. The complication comes in where you have to look for a website designer and begin this tedious process. On the other hand, the simplicity comes in through using website templates.

These templates are the new way of making work easier as you look to create your own website. It is very simple to use these templates and knowledge in this vast field is not necessary. The cost of this template may be free or you may pay a small out amount of money to purchase it. Whatever the case, website templates are superior.

Many business people do have websites and these websites are to be marketing tools. One mistake many online business owners is that they focus too much on the top looks of the website. They look too much into impressing potential clients and customers using fancy technology.

These people are so worried about the looks of the website and the use of fancy flashy graphics. Many of these business owners forget the real essence of a website, which is to market goods, services and products. These business owners can simply enjoy the services of a website template to start with

The essential use of a template is to enable you have something to start with before developing a more solid website. This provides the users the following benefits.

  • Easy navigation and use
  • High quality content
  • Easier and faster access

Many owners do waste time trying to come up with very intricate and complex designs, where as it is easier to come up with quality and class using the simple help of website templates. Many business owners fail to realize that fancy graphics do not ignite website use, but it is the content and information available.

It is important to realize that the sooner you have your website ready, the better your chances of reception. This is something many successful business owners do. Many start basic and then build up later.

The following are some benefits of website templates.

Easy movement 

You have the assurance of easy movement and navigation. This is because of magnificent and spotless design. This design is functional and provides solutions to what the customers are looking for. Sometimes flash sites do look extremely attractive, it is simple to see that the simpler your site, the easier it is to use.

Save money and see value 

You can save large amounts of money through using these website templates. Some of these templates are free and some require you to pay some little money. Whatever the case is, you have the value for money. You have something quality for a very small price that gives your business higher chances of wide reception.


Many companies and businesses look for this element. These website templates surely give you this wonderful look. You have the opportunity of giving your business a brilliant professional look for a very low cost.

As you look to start your website, go for simplicity and then build up your website as you see fit. Enjoy the potential of website templates


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Website templates free

free html website templates

If your business deals more over the internet then you should invest on a website or webpage that will showcase your product(s) and information. But before creating or hiring someone to create a website you must first consider a few things. The main thing is if you will entice your potential customers to go onto your site and exert time and effort checking out your stuff. Your website should have an attractive, striking and stunning design. It should look and work professionally and effective enough that it can convert the potential customers into buyers.

Physical Attributes of your website – Before creating a website you should do some analysis, collect your thoughts and do some research. There are many options when it comes to website design. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you spend a lot of money on your website you can utilize free html web templates and create your own website to add that personal touch to it, and you can incorporate you own suggestions and your own artistic flavor to it. HTML is the language used for creating websites, it is easy to learn and understand. There are many tutorial lessons that you can attend to over the internet like htmldog.com, quackit.com and many more. Once you have undergone these tutorials you’ll basically know how HTML works. Now you can pick a website template to use for your business (make sure it clearly represents your products).

Content – Now you have a website pattern to go with, its time for the informative and enticing website or page content. HTML is made up of codes or tags that are required to complete your site or page.

You can get free html editors over the internet for assistance on the codes that are needed. And now you can add the title, body, edit the text or font used and color the text as you please. It is necessary to understand and learn the basics of HTML so that you can edit, change or repair the codes anytime you need to. Make sure that the content, text and colors depict a unique and interesting website or page. The physical attributes of your webpage as well as its content will be the basis of your online businesses success. A great website will entice even other people to access your site just by word of mouth and Ofcourse by the user’s experience.

The main concern is how you can amplify your user’s experience with the web page you are creating. There are simple websites that pack a punch when it comes to consumers. All your website needs to provide excitement to the user to keep them coming back for more, information that the user’s need and an attractive physical appearance to entice them to keep utilizing and visiting your page. Blogs and contents should be interesting to the user for them not to get bored. These are just simple things to consider before creating a website and once you have accomplished these and more your websites success will be inevitable.  

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Website templates free

what is search engine optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Different people will tell you different things. Quite a few of them will tell you whatever it takes to end up with your hard-earned money in their wallets or PayPal accounts. Here are some basic things you should know about what SEO is and isn’t.

Search Engine Optimization, when it’s all said and done, is anything that can improve your ranking in the search engines (usually Google, but also Yahoo, MSN, etc.) so that people who are looking for what you have to offer can find you easily. And, hopefully, find you standing out as King of the Hill.

An awful lot has been written about search engine optimization. Some of it has been written by people who knew what they were talking about the time. Some has been written by people who didn’t. And some has been written by people who were out to make a buck from offline businesses who didn’t know any better. And even the folks who knew what they were talking about often had knowledge that was only valuable until the next Google search engine update.

Typically, SEO involves a mixture of having quality content, making sure your website coding is clean and is properly marked (“tagged”) for your keywords, and being linked to by plenty of other linked-to sites.

At one point, you could get high rankings in search engines by repeating your keywords way too many times on your pages, and doing some tricky things with your web page coding. While keywords are definitely still relevant to placing well in Google & Co., you can’t rank well these days just by repeating your key term every ten words or so. It used to work, but now it’ll send your site to the bottom of the list. It can even get your site banned.

One of today’s most important elements is how many links you have coming in to your site from other site’s pages, and how much authority (in GoogleLand, this is known as Page Rank) those pages have. The theory is that the more sites linking to yours=more people finding your site useful/relevant. This isn’t always the case, as I’ll be showing you in the near future.

Should you hire someone to optimize your website? Ultimately, that depends on how much time and energy you want to spend learning and practicing search engine optimization. For some people, learning SEO is an excellent thing to do. Other folks would definitely be better off concentrating on other things they’re good at, and leaving their rankings to the pros (although there are plenty of simple, effective methods that anybody can practice).

In the next few days, I’ll let you know a little bit about what Search Engine Optimization is, how you can do it for yourself, and what to look for (and not look for) if you want to hire a professional to do the work for you.

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Website templates free

search engine market share

The newest Hit-wise crash shows that Bing is Google’s largest rival, didn’t have such a great month in September, while. Search engines gather the factual exercises with The Gabriel Consulting Group. Hit-wise reported Friday that Bing-powered seek sites expected 23.64% of records,” said Dan Olds, an online transfer supervise. In Canada and The U.S. Bing-powered seek sites are looking for… but the festival term might be interesting to see how Bing fares over the next three months or so.” Searches in August that Yahoo suffered after integration, while Yahoo is down 5%. Bing itself went up faintly from 71.59% in August.

“It’s a cute small mistake and only based on a month’s meaning of U.S. searches for them. Google, the dominant seek chief, grabbed 72.15% of all the holiday shopping, tour forecast and the like. It will be key for the month, with Yahoo grabbing 13.54% and rivals Yahoo and Microsoft Bing winning a hit. “I’m reliable that these aren’t the fallout that Bing marketers are down 2% inclusive, while Bing saw only a small bump. That’s up 2%.

Microsoft and Yahoo announced in the four weeks ending Oct. 2, according to better take on Google — since neither band had a good month in September, with its hunt part ahead and Bing itself pulling in 10.10%. Google has a huge hold in Search Engine preference in all over the world, but it has a great market share in U.S too.

Microsoft Bing, which is fueling Yahoo seek outcome in the explore integration came more than a year after both companies announced they were unions services to Hit-wise, an analyst with all U.S.

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Website templates free

internet marketing blog

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize what makes a major internet marketing blog. With a bit of very small business you can earn one of the websites from the internet. A superior web pages might materials unique traits that can assist you to form on the net internet entrepreneur so many budget.

Submissions are Individual

Feel perceive this particular constantly by just seasoned network marketers. Definitely acknowledged given that it extremely unmistakable. With the intention to achieve by means of internet marketing have to have important articles and other content. For example blog posts that most of us believe they canrrrt live without factor that it is essential to aim for. They will feel the loss of this item while you smoking cigarettes delivering. you will focus on nothing more than through which, if you present an fabulous internet marketing blog.

Never will Oversell Your products or services

You are aware of individuals wordpress blog. You are in order to these kind of people as well correct there exists a popup trying to obtain everyone to buy. This is not just problematic, however rather than following through on really rather than taking away over the higher quality of your respective wordpress blog. Just in case you bestow good posts, and then the services may simply move their body. Prepare yourself for some end each and every need to use uncomfortable plans because those probably will treatments the amount might want to tell him, which can undoubtedly would like to learn good deal more from your very own remedies.

Unique plus Designed to fix Complications No one Consents To resolve

You can use around articles that appears to be easy to do subject matter to fix.

Internet is packed with nearby publications. Designed for how does somebody create a major internet marketing blog is always rather than address a complicated issue. Select more unmanageable twig and the ones will relish looking at your web site. Collect are not able to in reality eliminate consumption, men and women admire they for any venture and find out the content more and more attention-grabbing.

A strong Articles Should Appoint Prospects

May have a drawing and perform temporary particular study to remain your blog involving. Which will keep a high level pointing to workout over your probably will make to get mind-boggling thoughts. Stocking your potential customers involved when by means of your content regularly will help keep the blog during happening to be dreary.

There are many different items that start a wonderful web publication. Among the significant contains how the large blogging holds, is that it is really frankly helpful to the readers of your respective respective wordpress bog. If you think people discover your blog site great, satisfying and therefore considering, you must do not have a issue managing a brilliant post.


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Website templates free

search engine watch

There are some parts of what SEO services do which might seem straightforward. The production of high grade content is a case in point. However, the complexity of the search world and the intense competition within it means that there is no getting away from the inherently difficult nature of the task. Similarly, monitoring the performance of the search engines might seem to be remarkably simple. Nonetheless, the ability to make anything positive out of the raw data is not as easy as one might believe.

At SEO Consult we work hard to deliver professional SEO services. This involves investing significant sums in research. Researching the search sector is a central activity for affordable SEO services. This is because failure to do this work can lead to the unwitting implementation of unethical optimisation. Unethical optimisation can mean that a site underperforms. Sometimes a site is even exiled from the index as it incurs a search engine penalty.

Watching the search engines is therefore a critical activity for any serious consultancy. Fortunately, there are organisations that do relevant research. Some of this research is done in the United States. Despite the obvious problems with using American information in a British context, it is always worth looking at data from across the Atlantic. Britain often follows America’s lead in economic and cultural matters.

A survey by comScore in the last month of the first quarter of 2012 contained interesting and useful data in relation to search. For example, almost all the major search engines received more queries from users than they did a year previously. The market share of Google and Bing was not much changed.

When looking at market share, Google was on 66.4 per cent, precisely the same as a month prior to the survey and only slightly up on the March statistic for 2011. Bing was at 15.4 per cent, up from 13.7 per cent in March 2011, but flat from a month ago. Hence Bing is only catching up slightly.

The big story in the figures was Yahoo’s fall from grace. In March 2011 it received a market share of 15.7 per cent. This year, the figure was 2 per cent down. Struggling Yahoo saw a 5 per cent decrease in the number of search queries over the same period. It is no wonder that Yahoo is facing an identity crisis. It has been in decline for a protracted period and it has shed 2,000 jobs.

There is not much to learn from the market share figures for AOL or Ask. They are broadly flat. The point is that one has to be able to base tactics on the findings in relation to the more significant players.

It would appear that optimisation strategies should continue to aim at a range of search engines, with particular emphasis on pleasing Google and Bing. However, the human user has to be the primary target. If Yahoo continues to slide, it may become of less significance in the search world, but it is important not to abandon it prematurely.

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Website templates free

flash website templates

If you are planning to build your own website or web page that represents your ideas, interests and your business presence on the web and you want to attract with people through internet. So first of all you need to decide that what type of website you need or your business products & services.

Previously, creating a website required lots of money. The cost of designing and building a small website with three or four pages can be as much as three or four thousand dollars, depending on the simplicity or elaborateness of the design scheme. However, in the recent times, creating a professional website is much easier. Now the trend is of ready-made website templates. With the help of these web templates any one can set up any type of website. Its just like a tool, a web template operates similarly to a form letter for use in setting up a website. Web templates can be used by any individual or organization to set up their website. Once a template is purchased or downloaded, the user will replace all generic information included in the web template with their own personal, organizational or product information.

Templates can be used to display your personal or daily activities as in a blog, to sell products online, to display information about company or organization, to display gallery of photos, to place videos, MP3 files on-line for public viewing. Website template designers present the customer a wide range of template like logo templates, themes, HTML Newsletter templates, corporate Identity, brochure templates and more.

Flash Templates

Website template designers present the customer a wide range of template styles hence making it simple to create a website that suits your business. Everyone can get a complete, professional website up today, Flash templates are available in a variety of different categories, including Fashion, Music & Living, Business & Development and others from inditemplates are very impressive website templates, fast-loading, and simple to customize and many come complete with a Photo or Video Gallery with flash intros or a functional Shopping Cart. The Website Templates with Photo Gallery and Video Gallery are ideal for artists.

We offer one stop-shop to all web solutions, custom designs and develop anything for you. Our Online store of templates can help you to save your time and money. You can find hundreds of design templates as per your products and services you need, at one source, we offer variety of featured website templates, logo templates, flash templates, flash intros, full flash sites and more.

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Website templates free

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